Grainger's NEW application (2012):

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Back in July 2011 the planning committee at Haringey Council refused Grainger's application for planning permission, putting a stop to their plans to demolish Wards Corner. Unfortunately they did not use this as an opportunity to actually work with local people for a solution that meets everyone's needs, failing again to hear the clear message that the community does not want their proposal.

Instead private developer Grainger PLC have decided to appeal the decision to the national Planning Inspectorate AND submit a new planning application for Wards Corner.

Grainger want us to believe their plans are a positive step for Tottenham because 'there is no alternative', but there is a hidden story they will not tell you: the deliberate neglect of Wards Corner for decades, the misuse of public money and property, the continued indifference and at times outright contempt for residents and traders, the devastating and negative impact of Grainger's plan on people, businesses, jobs and the environment and the active hindrance of a community-led development...

We all want Wards Corner to be improved; it has been neglected for too long, but Grainger’s plan to demolish is not the only way to provide the long-lasting improvements Tottenham needs.

Immediate improvements of buildings, support for existing businesses and space for new shops and expansion of the market are all possible. Investment is available for restoration and new build. A community-led plan will give us an iconic town centre, not a clone town, and keep the profits for Tottenham, not Grainger.

Grainger's appeal:

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Some reasons to Reject Grainger’s Plan and to stop the demolition of Wards Corner (there are many more!)

1) The council have ignored local traders and residents and treated them with contempt.

2) Grainger have been actively working to undermine the legitimate concerns of local people and discredit attempts by the community to find a solution for Wards Corner that meets everyone's needs.

3) The council have worked in favour of supporting a private developer, and against alternative planning applications, including a community plan to improve this site.

4) Local businesses will have to leave with little or no compensation. Homes and jobs will be lost.

5) Grainger says it will ‘re-provide’ for the market but market traders, old and new, will be priced out of Grainger’s market hall. The current conditions imposed will also means current traders will not be able to return. Local traders will be priced out of Grainger’s retail units.

6) The scheme is founded on destroying diverse shops, cafes and meeting places. At a time of growing unemployment, the scheme will destroy the livelihoods of 200 families and create less varied jobs

7) Grainger’s plan has no affordable housing. The Grainger plan is only viable because they directly received £1.5 million in public money (and probably more). Grainger will be given 4 council properties for £184,000 total.

8) Grainger’s plan does not make a positive contribution to local character and distinctiveness. Its design is a clone repeated in countless other locations. Historic buildings unique to Tottenham will be lost forever.

9) The plan will prevent the development of a proposed vibrant multicultural and Iberian and Latin American trading and cultural quarter for London. At the moment there are 1 million Iberian Americans in the UK and the new plan will stop huge cultural and trade input into Tottenham and North East London.

WCC detailed objection to Grainger's 2012 planning application:

WCC detailed objection to the Grainger's 2008 planning application:here



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