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Monday 17th November
The Grainger Plan is going before the LB Haringey Planning Committee.

Mass Action: Demonstrate your opposition to the Grainger Plan

6.15 for 7pm at the Civic Centre, High Rd, Wood Green N22 8LE

This is the chance for all those opposed to the slash-and-burn plan, to show LBH what the level of opposition is. So bring yourself and any other WCC supporters you know, to lobby the council. Bring placards showing where you are from, wear your WCC t-shirt and wave those WCC shopping bags.

Grainger have played a sneaky trick by revising their original plan to include a limited amount of space for market traders, along the Seven Sisters Road frontage of their very non-landmark design. This is a joke but has been enough to satisfy Boris Johnson, London's mayor, that the market will be provided for in the new plan, so the LBH fans of Grainger are thinking they will now be able to push through the plan. Of course this does nothing to answer most of the WCC objections to the Grainger plan - the market cannot be replaced by a dozen shiny new spaces, the shops along West Green Road, the High Road and Seven Sisters Road will be destroyed, we get a line of clone shops instead (if they don't stand empty for years), and the unique Wards building will be gone for ever. 200 jobs will go, and the WCC visionary plan for true community-based regeneration will be wasted .

Be there on the 17th, don't miss this historic event.
Wear warm clothes as it may involve a lot of waiting around.

ACTION: Object to the revised Grainger Plans

You will need to respond no later than Friday 14th November for it to be included in the report to the planning committee.

COMMENT ON Demolition Plans , this is extra planning permission needed by Graingers to demolish in a conservation area.

The LBH website planning pages now seem to have been fixed, after being down for a week. If they crash again, you can email objections or comments to the Planning Service at·customercareteam@haringey.gov.uk quoting the reference number of the application. Reference numbers HGY/2008/0303 (Graingers main plan) and HGY/2008/0322 (Graingers Demolition Plan).