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Minutes of WCC meeting 11th August 2008-08-12
Present: Moaz, Beth, Mital, Morris, Wendy. Elize, Ruth, Carlos, Ruth, Sara. Pam, Rita, Suzzane
1) Posible venues for future meetings
Sara is investigating. Bernie Grant and The Happy Peoples Restaurant (Page Green) are possibilities.
2) News items/ updates.
a) Good article in Time out is on line. (Go to Time out website)
b) There has been good coverage in the Tottenham journal
c) BBC Radio London interviews with Vicky and Lagu can be heard on Listen again - Monday
morning programme at around 7. 38 a.m
e) Meeting between Graingers, M & N Communications (Graingers PR firm), Carlos, Lagu, Vicky and Raul took place on Friday 8th August. (Graingers requested this meeting) Our representatives told Grainger that many things needed to be clarified before any meeting could proceed:
i) We need to know exactly what legal contracts exist between Graingers, Haringey Council, the NDC, TFL and Circle 33. (Roy has already requested this info under Freedom of Information act. Ruth will write again with a slightly narrower, more focused request.)
ii) We need to see evidence that we are acknowledged as integral to their plans in light of the Mayors preceding statement to the GLA report.

3) Collaborative meetings.
It is important to strengthen and extend both our vision and network of support prior to the rescheduling of the Council’s planning decision meeting which could be set for as early as mid September. Therefore many meetings are planned within a short space of time after the holiday period.
Provisional dates for various meetings are as follows:
Sunday 31st August - Local friends of WCC. Possible venue – Bernie Grant bar.
Monday 1st Sept – Wider partners meeting including New Economics Foundation and Princes Trust.
Tuesday 2nd Sept - Planning Aid for London training. Possible venue - Bookhouse Café
13th / 14th Sept (Sat and Sun) - Development Trust Association meeting
Thursday 25th Sept – Public meeting at Conel
?? – Meeting with all stake holders and friends. I don’t think that we discussed a date for this??

4) Celebration of National Tourism day (Sat 27th Sept) and first anniversary of WCC
Market traders are looking for a venue for a big, local celebration involving major Latin bands in London J
5) Letter to GLA from traders on Seven Sisters and West Green Rd
Traders have drafted a letter to GLA expressing concern that they are not referred to clearly in the GLA report and requesting a meeting for clarification and acknowledgement of their existence.
It was suggested that, if possible, some of them could come to next week’s WCC meeting in order to keep in contact and gain strength from a united approach.

6) David Lammy
It was suggested that we email David Lammy as individuals asking him to follow through on his statement of support for a more collaborative approach between all stakeholder, residents and the WCC re the whole Wards corner development. He stated that he like to would help to facilitate such collaboration in his blog which was partially published in the Tottenham Journal