Next Wards Corner Meeting:

We usually meet on Monday evenings, either at the Pueblito Paisa cafe in the market, at the Polish cafe Pause just round the corner in Seven Sisters Road, or at The Garden House / Kitap Evi, 410 Tottenham High Rd, N17 9JB (just past the Police Station, about 1/2 mile up the High Road).
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The Wards Corner Community Coalition (WCC) is a grassroots organisation working to stop the demolition of the homes, businesses and indoor market above Seven Sisters tube station and fighting the attempts of Grainger PLC to force out the local community. Active since 2007 the WCC has been working to empower the community in Seven Sisters to take control of its future and determine how Wards Corner should be developed.

The WCC continues to fight for a fairer future and has received planning permission for a sustainable, community-led development of the Wards Corner Site. So far we have detailed plans for the indoor market and corner store. In the long term we will work on the other three corners of the Wards site to restore and improve this town centre that has been neglected for over forty years by Transport for London and Haringey Council.

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The Compulsory Purchase Order by the Council to support the Grainger bid for the site has now been activated. We need all our supporters to join us in challenging this CPO. There is every chance it can be overturned, there have been some important precedents of this lately, notably at Shepherds Bush Market. The council and Grainger have to prove that there would be greater public benefit from the demolition, than not - so this is our chance to both detail the harm demolition would do, and to show what great possibilites thaere are for the site if our restoration plan is finally supported by this Labour council.

So, here's how to help
Sadly, under the much-abused misnomer of ‘ Seven Sisters Regeneration ’ Haringey Council is pushing ahead with the ill-conceived plans to demolish the local heritage buildings located at Wards Corner, South Tottenham. Since council-backed, private developer Grainger has failed to acquire all the properties on the open market, Haringey Council has started the formal Compulsory Purchase Order process in order to attempt to assemble the site required to pursue this destructive development. This means that long-standing, independent, Tottenham business owners risk being expropriated in favour of a large corporate entity for a project that a sizeable part of the local community is against. The project has debatable regeneration benefits and architectural merit and would have devastating heritage effects in this important conservation area. There is more information here on the Council’s own website. Or look on

The Council continues to claim that demolishing the neglected, beautiful and interesting buildings of the ex-Wards Corner Department store, the Beauty Shop and the Tottenham Wines on West Green road and building a bland and generic, seven storey, glass-fronted building will improve the area. If it does go ahead it will be another chip out of Tottenham’s disintegrating Historic Corridor.

There is still hope that the other plan, the Community Plan may see the light. The Trust, formed to renovate our cherished market and neglected historic buildings, continues its work.

Objections to the CPO can be made to the National Planning Casework Unit, 5 St Philips Place, Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 2PW.

Or email

Title your objection “(Wards Corner Regeneration Project) Compulsory Purchase Order 2016.

Give your name, address and interest in the land. As it is our town centre then I think we all have an interest in the land. The deadline is 21st October which is an unreasonably short time to do it in.

Hints for objections are;

- Viable and sustainable alternative plan
- Demolition of an Historic Building and replacement with a block of little architectural merit
- No social Housing provided. Just private gated flats
- Massive local objection to the Grainger Plan
- Seven Sisters Indoor Market put at risk of being priced out

On Thursday 25th February 2016, we had a party/launch event for the next stage of our Action Plan to regenerate the Indoor Market. It was at Zumbale, 263 High Road, N15 4RR - just past Costas,+ opposite Tescos. There was an introduction to the project, and a display of Columbian dance and music. 7pm to 9pm.

To see the Community Plan as passed by the Haringey Council planning committee, go here.

The project is a collaboration between WCC, the Open University's Engineering and Innovation Department and the Royal College of Art. It is part of a larger study, entitled ‘Media, Community and the Creative Citizen’, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council under the Connected Communities programme. The aim is to explore new and innovative ways to engage local people in participatory planning.

Tranquillity in Tottenham

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onight Haringey's Planning Committee will consider Grainger's latest proposal for Wards Corner.ake sure to come along and show the Council and Grainger that we wont stand for any plan that destroys local independent business, destroys livelihoods and forces people out of their homes.
The meeting will be held in the Civic Centre, Woodgreen at 7pm. We will be gathering outside from 6:30.
This morning the Wards Corner Community Coalition sent every councillor a detailed objection to Grainger's proposals, making it clear that the plan is unviable, unsustainable and unwanted. Follow the link below to read it.
[link to objection uploaded to our website?
If you havn't objected to Grainger's plan yet there is still time! You can submit your objections by following this link:
There is also a template objection letter on our webs