Inquiry starts : CANCELLED

Back in July 2011 Grainger's proposals to demolish Wards Corner were brought before Haringey's Planning Committee for the second time. Following huge opposition, hundreds of written objections and condemnation of the plan from many prominent organisations, including English Heritage, the Planning Committee refused to grant permission to Grainger's scheme.

Failing to listen to local people's calls for a community-led development, Grainger decided to persue an appeal of Haringey's decision with the Planning Inspectorate. The public inquiry was due to start in October.

After Haringey granted permission to their latest proposals Grainger attempted to postpone the appeal until the deadline for commencing a legal challenge of Haringey's latest decision had past, an obvious attempt to use their wealth to overwhelm opposition to their proposals. However the planning inspectorate refused to let Grainger use the appeal process as insurance for their new planning permission and declined to postpone the appeal. In an effort to save legal costs Grainger decided instead to drop the appeal.

This means that one of Grainger's planning applications for Wards Corner is gone for good, leaving only the largely similar application that was given permission in June 2012.

Key Appeal Documents

Planning Inspectorate’s refusal to postpone Grainger’s appeal:

Appeal timetable:

Council's grounds for refusing planning permission

Grainger's grounds for appeal

Witnesses Grainger will be calling during the inquiry

Grainger's statement of case (summary of the points they will argue during the inquiry)