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Haringey Federation of Residents Associations

7th June 2012

Re: Wards Corner Area Planning Application [HGY/2012/0583 and 0915] - HFRA objection

The Haringey Federation of Residents Associations objects to the Grainger proposals [HGY/2012/0583 and 0915] for the Wards Corner area. The reasons include:

  • the development is not in keeping with the planning brief for the Wards Corner site adopted by the Council in January 2004, which among other things called for the retention of the former Wards Department Store building "if possible" - it is possible;

  • blocks of flats and a shopping mall do not constitute the imaginative "landmark gateway" to Tottenham called for in the planning brief;

  • the proposal fails to demonstrate environmental sustainability

  • the architectural scheme is unimaginative and the building design is bland and unattractive, contributing to a sense that the development is of a mechanical rather than a human nature and thus not one for which its users or inhabitants, or the local communities, are likely to feel a sense of ownership;

  • the scheme, particularly the blocks, is overdevelopment on the site

  • the proposal fails to provide adequate levels of social and genuinely affordable housing

  • the 6/7-storey blocks and the associated garden space at second-floor level will constitute a gated private community, which in consequence will be sundered from and thus have no sense of identity or involvement with the rest of the Seven Sisters area;

  • the heritage value of this important site will be destroyed

  • the two blocks will not be in harmony with the adjacent Page Green Conservation Area, but will instead loom over it and thus detract from it;

  • the health, education, recreation and open space infrastructure to provide for the number of inhabitants envisaged by the development does not exist. Tottenham is already deficient in these services;

  • the proposed development fails to provide a range of public community facilities and amenities for the benefit of local communities

  • the development will displace local businesses in favour of branches of the chain stores characteristic of the high streets of "clone town" Britain, which will lead to both a reduction in the number of local employment opportunities and the removal of money from the local economy (because money spent in chain stores is remitted to head office, not recirculated as purchases in adjacent stores);

  • the development offers no new open space for public recreation and relaxation;

  • the development proposal has been drawn up without any, or any meaningful, involvement from the public and without consultation with the local businesses and the people who will be affected by it, including local community and residents groups. This is despite the presence and willingness for over 5 years of the Ward's Corner Community Coalition, which has the overwhelming support of the local population, local traders and market stall-holders. The WCCC is well organised and has an impressive commitment to the site, its occupants, and to the local communities. It has patiently developed, and is further developing, an excellent, inspirational, appropriate, sustainable and community-led plan for the renewal and regeneration of the area and should be the central partner in any sustainable proposals for the site.

  • In addition the safety concerns expressed by London Underground need to be published, fully considered by an independent specialist expert assessor and if unable to be shown to have been fully addressed the application should be rejected on that matter alone.


Dave Morris
Secretary, HFRA