Since 2001, The Glass-House has supported a community led design process that ensures that regeneration is happening with and for, not to local people.

Wards Corner Workshop
16th & 17th May 2008

A Documentary
The purpose of this workshop is to help directing the opportunities for change that exist at Wards Corner through an improved understanding of the place as it is and how it could be.

The aim is to begin to form the basis for a shared vision that can be agreed with the wider stakeholder group (including the local NDC and the council).

The workshop will specifically focus on:
  • who the stakeholders are and what their remit is
  • what is special about Wards Corner as it is
  • what Wards Corner could be in the future – a shared vision

Wards Corner
Key questions for the workshop to be explored using photographs and interviews:

What is actually there?

Who owns what?

What is the role of its public realm?

What is good/special about the place?

What works well and what does not?

What are the materials, textures, sounds and smells of the area?

What is its character?

What is its value?

How might the area change to accommodate new/different uses and compliment existing uses?

Who is Wards Corner for?

Case Studies Examples
We will look at two existing urban situations Whitecross Street and Spitalfields Market, both of which have recently been subjected to regeneration and discuss how places change.

Regeneration is a generic and overused term. We will discuss our collective understanding of the term regeneration with specific reference to Wards Corner and its surrounds.

We will avoid terms such as good and bad in terms of regeneration and instead try to discover together what is special about Wards Corner.

What does regeneration mean for Wards Corner?

Reaching consensus
Explain to someone who does not know the area what is special about it.
Proposition - opposition
Working with - working against

Tools we will use
Examples, photographs, interviews, group discussions, models, presentations


Friday 16th May 2008

10 Introduction to workshop and day 1
Talk about key issues, urban design and case studies (East)


Who are the key stakeholders?

12.30 Lunch

Introduction to documentary workshop (East)
Talk about places, uses, cultural value, documentaries

Trip to Wards Corner to see the inside

Documentary (photos, interviews) in groups

Preparation and group presentations/discussion

4 Finish

Saturday 17th May 2008
10 Introduction to day 2
Talk about outcomes from day 1, wider context and a shared vision (East)

Proposals for a shared vision (groups)


Presentation and discussion

12.30 Lunch

What could Wards Corner be like?
Introduction to urban frameworks/masterplanning and models as a way of developing proposals (East)

Model building (groups)

Preparation and group presentations/discussion

Next steps

4 Finish