-Minutes - 10 March 2008

Wards Corner Community Coalition
10th March 2008, 7.00pm – 9.00pm

Mango’s: 263 High Road

Present: Daniel, Blanca, Manuel, Sara, Marta, Alex Raul, Manuel – resident, Carlos (Pedro Achata Trust), Carlos (supporter of market), Rita, Victor, Martinus, Elize, Mital, Mrs Patel, Oscar, Lagu, Candy, Cara, Wendy, Victoria, Maria, Alexandro, Rowan, Elizabeth, Pam

Welcome, Introduction, Apologies

Candy chaired the meeting and welcomed those present. Introductions were made. Apologies were received from Jeremy, Diane, Ibilola, Judith, Phil, Beth

Purpose of Meeting

Checking Timeline: Important Dates:
Thursday 6th or 13th? Council Labour Group – Leader’s conference on Wards

Tuesday 18th March Consultation meeting with Kaushika, Grainger, NDC called by WCC

20th March 6.45pm Development Control Forum
? Meeting with Paul Head, Conel

? Meeting with Solicitors, Ahmet Ratip, Chancery Partnership Solicitors

? Meeting with Paul Smith, Planning

Monday 31st March Deputation to Full Council

April Glass-House

Saturday 26th April Haringey Independence Day
Ruth, Candy, Roy, Wendy to attend to/follow up on

To be arranged – wendy/candy/ruth/roy (email group)
The College of North East London, Tottenham Centre, High Road, N17
Lagu, Manuel, Carlos, Inkwell/Optician (Vicky to ask) Candy

Candy to arrange. Wendy invite nef
Everyone email questions to wendy

Who (how many) to present/answer questions
30 people to be selected –request show of interest
Need people to do workshop
Deciding on a Legal Structure – consider aims and objectives of WCC

· Social Enterprise
· Development Trusts
· Community Investment Companies
Development Trusts – spanish adviser

Setting up Meetings

Solicitors: Legal Advice for Business Community
10-17th March
It was agreed that for business people affected by the proposed development it was now urgent that they sought proper legal advice. It was agreed that a representative group from the business community and one person from the coalition would form a steering group and attend a meeting to be set up by Carlos with Ahmet Ratip, Chancery Partnership Solicitors.

Email questions you think appropriate to ask at this meeting to Wendy.

The purpose of the meeting will also be to look at forming a legal company to represent the coalition.
Carlos to set up meeting this week

Steering Group: Lagu, Manuel, Carlos, Candy, Inkwell or Opticians

Carlos to feedback date of meeting to Wendy

Wendy to email Carlos email details of Steering Group members
Facilitation Meeting Chaired by Paul Head, CONEL
18th-31st March
Candy reported that she had been contacted by Paul Head offering to facilitate a meeting between WCC and HC.

The aim of the meeting would be to seek to reach a working partnership with the Council.

Wendy to sound out nef/BizzFizz about attending this meeting?

Date of meeting to be set between 18th and 31st March

Meeting with Paul Smith, Planning
10th – 17th March
WCC to ask PS about:
planning rules and regulations,
procedures and timelines,
how much time we get at the planning forum
what assistance we can get to improve our plans chance
Grainger applying for whole of the site, us part – what implications, if any?
Candy to contact Paul Smith

Please send Candy questions you would like WCC to put to planning
Preparing for Planning Control Forum
20th March
The Planning Service will be holding a Development Control Forum for the following applications on Thursday 20th March 2008 at 6.45pm at The College of North East London, Tottenham Centre, High Road, Tottenham, London N17.
Mital to send Wendy Planning Forum document to share with group

Mital to send Wendy
Create Working Groups






Management and Admin

North London Networking (open Shoreditch/open Dalston)

Web Design

Young People Outreach Group

Wendy and Mrs Patel







Mital/more requested
Objecting to the Grainger Plan

Write to:

Letters Page of the Tottenham Journal

Councillors see the letters pages to the Journal as a barometer of local feeling.

Please commit to write a letter to your local paper.

London Underground -
Work on TfL through politicians
Labour London Assembly Members
· Joanne McCartney (Haringey)
· Nicky Gavron (London wide)
resp. for planning/transport, sustainable design & construction, climate change, energy, water, waste & green industries, children & young people, housing, affordable homes, community & cultural regeneration, open space, especially play & recreation space, sustainable suburbs)

David Lammy
Areas of objection: no social housing/no provision of health care facilities/well being eroded/loss of jobs/no participation/all private gated high rise – not human scale evidence is that it doesn’t work.

Outline letter of main points to be sent out to whole group for signature
Write to:
The Editor, The Journal, 161 Tottenham Lane, London N8 9BU. Email: nlnews@archant.co.uk – supply your postal address
haringeyletters@london.newsquest.co.uk (Haringey Independent)

Get politicians on board. Ask assembly members to support WCC– write to all parties

Labour London Assembly:
GLA, City Hall
The Queen's Walk
London SE1 2AA

Everyone to write individual letters to Lammy requesting he meet with us at one of our regular meetings on Monday (now at Mango)

Wendy to send round group
FOI – Symon Sentain
Chase up with NDC now Symon left – who is doing this?
Realising the Community Plan

Guest Invitations
Planning Aide – Michael Parks
Kings Cross Develpment Railway Trust Land http://www.kxrlg.org.uk/
Bernie Rees
Chris Desai, Bioregional

Bill Parry Davis, Open Shoreditch/Open Dalston Housing Lawyer
Judith to invite guests to speak to WCC on progressing community plan

Elizabeth to invite to speak to WCC
Raising Money

Could happen in the market/ on the side walks up to Tottenham Green green/ capture the imagination
Event in May – hearts, minds and pockets
Fundraisers to look into funding sources: Area Assemblies, Local Gov and Communities sources, EU monies
Promoting the Community Plan
Pavement front exhibition stall to be kept in use
Agreed that we would open every Saturday 11am-2pm
Please volunteer any time you have to be at the stall on Saturday between 11am and 2pm
WCC Newsletter – 6,000 to be posted through doors.
Report of the meeting
Ideas behind the Community Plan
Partners: nef/glass-house/SH/TTA/Local Business/RAs/TCS/CAAC etc
Mital, Candy, Wendy, Sara
filming and press
Elize, Jeremy filming
Next Meeting

17th March – Mango 263 High Road, N15


Next meeting: MONDAY 17 MARCH at 7PM @ MANGO – 263 High Road, N15