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Minutes of WCC meeting 26th August 2008
Present: Moaz, Mital, Wendy. Carlos, Sara. Pam, Rita, Herman. Carolina, Alejandro, Andrea, Carolina, Den? (not sure if name), Lagu, Raul, Vicky, Duval, Sue, Rita, Isaac, Duval, Roy, Candy, Barbara, Giovanni, Lita,

1) Glass house training feedback
The Glass house have requested feedback from the two day session we had with East architect in May (?). Wendy recorded our comments to feed back to them. If we want to add to these comments we should email Wendy with our responses.

2) Mayoral question time Wed 10th Sept 12.00 – 2.00 aprox at City Hall
This event is a good opportunity to make an impact. It is worth bringing banners and being ready to hold a picket outside the event, We should try to attend if possible.
Also Queen’s market are organizing with a member of the panel to present a question. They would like to collaborate with the WCC to make it relevant to both groups, We need to be in touch with them about this.

3) Signatures for petition in support of our community plan
It is important to gather thousands more signatures. Isaac suggested that all the market and local traders keep copies at there premises and remember to encourage customers to sign.
We must also gather signatures at the Lordship Rec. event and all future events,

4) MINKA news needs fiancial support.
MINKA news currently sends out 13,000 emails a day. This includes 6,000 in English, all MPs and many councilors. Thousands of summary reports are also sent out to international organizations. MINKA news provides fantastic publicity for WCC. However they need to upgrade their, equipment, set up a web sit and employ people in order to keep going effectively. It costs £25 a day minimum. Isaac asked us to consider how we could help financially. Traders could consider paying for advertising space. This needs further discussion.

5) Local friendly stakeholder meeting – Sunday 31st August – Bookhouse Café, Tottenham High Rd 6.30 – 9.00
The purpose of this meeting is to prepare for collaborative talks with larger organizations (first friendly ones and then difficult ones like the Council, TFL, Graingers and more ). The aim is to ensure that all groups supporting WCC know what is going on and have a chance to contribute. It is hoped that all supporting local groups will be represented.

6) BBC filming for Inside Out programme – at Wards Corner 5th and 6th Sept.
(To get an idea of what the programme is like, Inside Out can be viewed on the Internet)
The BBC will be filming for a 9 minute slot on this programme over these two days. They will be covering the whole Wards Corner area and interviewing lots of people. We need spend some time prepparing what we want to say to them, making sure that no one is taken by surprise and that we feel confident in putting our case across.

7) Collaborative meeting with friendly organizations – Mon 8th Sept – 7.00 – Bernie grant centre
This will be a chance for supportive organizations to meet and discuss how to carry things forward.
There will be representatives from: The Princes Regeneration Trust, The New Economics Foundation, The Civic Trust, New economics foundation, Ethical property foundation, Development trust association? Planning aid for London, Galss House and East architects, Haringey federation of residents assoc. Sustainable Haringey, House design (architect who did the alternative plan), Tottenham traders assoc., Open Dalston, Seven Sisters international traders assoc., Pueblito Paisa, Pedro Attacha trust, Living streets and a few random residents

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Minutes of WCC meeting 26th August 2008

8) Lordship Rec Festival – Sat 13th Sept – Lordship Rec – Daytime
This is a local festival to celebrate and use Lordship Rec. WCC will be having a stall there. We will be selling things, publisising the campaign and collecting signatures for the petition.
We will be selling cakes, second hand books, plants, Wards Corner Tshirts, badges, photographs and hopefully bags and mugs. If any one has other things which would sell well please contact Wendy.
We will need as many people as possible to be around during the day to help out on the stall and go around collecting signatures. Even if you can only spare an hour it would be great to see you there.

We also need a display stand to show pictures of the plan etc on. Does anybody have a portable stand which is suitable to use outdoors? It would also be great to have a portable CD player for some music. Can anybody offer one for the day?

9) Development Trust Seminar – 14th , 15th and 16th of Sept – Leeds
This is an event where lots of Development trusts, like the one which we might well turn into, meet to share experiences and learn from each other. The organization has offered us some money to help some of our members to attend. (they would have to join the organization first) About 4 people can go.

10) Anniversary party behind the market - 27th Sept???
Not sure if this date is fixed.

11) Planning Aid for London Training
Planning Aid for London have offered some training for us in matters of planning law and procedures. No date has been fixed.

12) WCC Bank account at Nationwide
It was agreed that Mital and Sara would set up a WCC bank account and that they would be the signaturies for it.

13) Next meeting Monday 1st Sept. 7.00 at happy People’s restaurant.
We would like to start the meeting promptly at 7.00 so could people arrive a bit early to help to set up the room. We need to collect £1.50 from everyone to pay for the space. (Tea and biscuits provided!)