WCC Meeting: 22/09/08

Mital Patel, Roy Jose, Elize Turner, Susan Alvarez, Carlos Burgos, Ruth Allen, Beth Thomas, Carolina Rodriguez, Duvan Villa, Moaz Nanjuwany, Sara Hall, Candy Amsden, Isaac

Apologies: Wendy Keenan

1) Ambassador market visit
2) Tottenham Traders Association meeting
3) WCC response to Member update on Wards Corner
4) Collaborative meeting
5) Building the Alternative plan
6) WCC bank account
7) Car free day

1) Ambassador market visit

24/09/08; 5:00 pm
Ruth and Sara will be attending.
Meet at Mangos

  • Over the next few weeks the Menezes case will be in the national papers – Isaac wants to use this as an opportunity to raise the profile of the Latin American community. Isaac stressed he does not want to harm relations with the police, but instead highlight the need for a Latin American quarter in Tottenham.

  • During the ambassador visit Isaac will be concentrating on three issues:
1) Producing a Spanish newspaper, as Britain does not have one
2) Importance of creating a Latin quarter in Tottenham
­ Will be close to the Olympic site
­ In Tottenham the Latin American community is well integrated
­ Perfect opportunity for a Latin quarter in a multiethnic area which co-exists together.
3) Creating a Latin month, similar to that in the USA.

2) TTA meeting

24/09/08; 6:15 pm
Tottenham Hotspurs ground (main entrance)
Mital, Candy and Roy will be attending

  • Wards Corner is on the agenda
  • Moaz will be updating TTA on Wards Corner
3) WCC response to member briefing for Labour Cllrs on Wards Corner

  • The briefing was filled with misrepresentation
  • WCC will issue a press-release to the papers and to all cllrs clarifying the situation
  • Send all comments on the briefing to Candy or Roy
  • Roy will write the press-release

4) Collaborative meeting

  • Council and their partners have yet to respond to our request for a collaborative meeting, WCC will therefore go ahead and hold the meeting
  • Date and venue: TBA (possibly first week of Oct)
  • Agenda to be decided at next meeting (29/09/08)
  • Possibly take an advert in the paper inviting all stakeholders
  • Ruth will draft the invite
  • Invites will be sent to:
Grainger Geoffrey Ocen (NDC)
Lorne Horsford (NDC) Anthony Bickmore (TfL)
George Meehan (Lab) Isidoros Diakides (Lab)
Kaushika Amin (Lab) Bernice Vanier (Lab)
Lorna Reith (Lab) Harry Lister (Lab)
Justin Hinchcliffe (Con) David Schmitz (Lib)
Rachel Allison (Lib) Robert Gorrie (Lib)
Ita O’Donovan David Lammy

Friendly partners
Civic Trust Civic Society
Sustainable Haringey Prince’s Regeneration Trust

5) Building the Alternative plan

  • At present the Alternative plan does not have enough scope to be considered by the GLA
  • Susan to find out what the lower size limit is for development to be considered by the GLA (both residential and commercial)
  • Need to build the Alternative plan to meet the ‘scope’

  • It was decided our focal points are:

i) A Brief – putting our ideas in to spatial terms i.e. allocating uses for the site

ii) A Business plan (once we have a brief we can write up a business plan)

  • To achieve this WCC will be:

i) Arranging a meeting with Michael Parks and the experts he recommended to strategize on how best to achieve our aims e.g. how working groups should be organised and run and what gaps do we need to fill
(Ruth will contact M. Parks)
ii) Attending the Glasshouse workshop on how to develop a brief – need to invite all organisations who volunteered to attend (during 08/09/08 meeting)

  • There were also discussions on the need to become either a social enterprise/development trust very soon so we could access funding.

6) WCC bank account

Agreed Mital, Sara, Ruth and Candy will be signatories on the account

7) Car free day

  • WCC can share a stall with Sustainable Haringey – Candy to find out if we need a gazebo
  • Need as many helpers as possible to hand out leaflets, gather signatures etc. (Wendy to email group for help)
  • Will have WCC merchandise to sell and Wendy will face-paint

Attending: Mital, Wendy, Elize, Sara, Roy and Candy

Next meeting:


7:00 pm

Happy People’s Restaurant