Minutes of the meeting of Monday 8th December 2008 at 7pm
Happy People’s Restaurant, 160 Page Green Terrace

Present: Roy, Pam, Carlos, Rita, Elize, Moaz, Ruth, Candy, Wendy, Coral, Lagu, Isaac
Apologies: Sara, Mital
Next Steps
· GLA Stage 2 Report – compare with WCC notes of the meeting with Sir Simon Milton – what was included what left out – what to challenge?
· Complaints to Standards Board
· Hustings in January
· Press: decide issues to bring up over and over
· Ombudsman
Feedback on Barrister
Secretary of State

WCC Fight to include:

Attacking Failures
Instituting Solutions – eg immediate community gains which will be an added loss when Grainger comes to demolish – needs replacing (like green space to side of the Wards building!)

1. Attacking Failures

· getting the chief officer to refuse to sign off the decision
· legal/ndc/procedural/planning
· secretary of state’s office
· including:
a. 106 community gain – need a negotiator (PAL)
i. market
ii. minorities
iii. small traders
1. Use GLA toolkit to determine if Grainger plan gives the 106 gain the application is conditional on
a. ask for application to be thrown out if doesn’t make condition
b. owner-occupiers to challenge CPO – force public enquiry?
c. standards board – Shiela/Alan Stanton
d. ombudsman
e. complaints about planning officers – Paul Smith/Marc Dorfman
f. judicial review
g. writing to hazel blears
h. asking new leader, Clare Kober, for a meeting with WCC (David Lammy too?)
i. ndc elections
· Press
a. Grainger Plan - publicising community loss: social/economic/environmental
b. exposing dirty tricks?

2. Solutions
· standing a WCC candidate at Seven Sisters and standing down just before election (unless sure win!!!) – Ben, Property Solutions?
· instituting immediate community gains
a. community gardens
b. public space improvements to front of wards
· forming a development trust
· finding developers
· weekly newsletter local distribution
· Chair of federation of small business to write to Richard Barnes (Lagu?)
· Isaac to arrange meeting with Ken Livingstone/Jeremy Corban/George Galloway
· Wendy to arrange meeting with all Legal Advisers and planning aid (including 106 negotiator)
· Wendy to ask Ben to stand as candidate for 7sister bye election
· Ruth to write to Clare Kober to meet with WCC
· Isaac possible organiser of Tottenham Carnival – will have WCC presence
· Status of our plan to be upgraded