Wards Corner Cultural Crossroads

This is the most diverse postcode in Europe, maybe in the world. Let's celebrate it, with a sensitive, yet dynamic restoration, by the community.

The restored strong architectural features of the past, will provide the armature for a diverse and exciting new market focused around a central plaza, expressing the local diversity through architectural form.

Colour will be used to express the flavour of the rich ethnic diversity in the area, helping to break down the austerity of the Edwardian facade.

A local management team will make sure the market is run smoothly, and be responsible for leasing the space, as well as incubating and supporting local business and artists.

The use of the space will encourage people to dwell at the site with cafes, bars and restaurants alongside a range of community facilities.

Render_From_Above_Final_Abi copy.jpg


The first part of the Community Plan has been submitted!

Please go to our dedicated website for more info: