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In 2003 Haringy Council teamed up with the Bridge NDC (New Deals for Communities, a central government, supposedly resisdent-led regeneration programme) to develop Wards Corner. Together they produced a development brief for Wards Corner and then chose Graingers to fulfill that brief.

What should have been a community-led development of Wards Corner soon turned into a private company-led development, all the big decisions were made by a select few. This is why, when it came to presenting the plan to the public in 2007, it was considered 'too late' to make any major changes to the Grainger plan. The Council soon entered into a Development Agreement with Grainger, this confidential agreement blured the lines of responsibility of the Council to the public, and created a conflict of interest. How can Haringey Council ensure the best development for Tottenham when they are contracted to support Grainger? Rather then addressing the concerns and aspirations of local residents and traders, who want to improve their locality, Haringey Council have been unwilling to listen and to act.

The WCC, right from the start, have always called for genuine collaboration. We are all stakeholders in the future of Wards Corner.

Below are some key letters and documents that make for an interesting and eye-opening read...

WCC Send an Open Letter to London Borough of Haringey Calling on them to Reconsider Development Agreement

Below is an open letter from the Wards Corner Community Coalition calling on London Borough of Haringey to reconsider the terms of the Development Agreement between them and Grainger PLC.

In 2004 following limited and inadequate publicity and consultation LBH selected Grainger as their preferred development partner to bring forward regeneration at Wards Corner and entered into a Development Agreement. This agreement is now due for renewal.

Since 2007 the WCC has approached LBH with interest from investors, with community-led proposals and with an open mind to collaboration with LBH and Grainger to bring forward plans for the site that meet everyone's needs. Repeatedly LBH have claimed their hands are tied whilst the Development Agreement with Grainger still stands and as such can not engage with the WCC in any plans for an alternative.

The WCC see the renewal of the Development Agreement as an opportunity for LBH to reconsider their decision to work exclusively with Grainger in light of the clear public discontent with their proposals and instead open the possibility of collaboration.

Read the letter here.

Statement to Haringey Council: The future of Wards Corner, Seven Sisters

There is no question that we all want Wards Corner developed but the fact that local people have rejected the plans for the site promoted by Grainger and the Council demonstrates the need for the Council to work towards meaningful and genuine community collaboration - and not to just simply rely on generalities in planning policies...
Councillor resignation letter
After the shocking treatment of residents and traders by the NDC, a local councillor resigned in protest. This letter describes just how the council and NDC apporached the Wards Corner development.

Evidence of biased behaviour of planning department

These letters and emails were found by WCC'ers on file at the Haringey planning office. They show the biased approach of the Council's planning department in the handling of the Grainger application over the Community application.

2003 Deputation

In 2003 a deputation was made to the full council highlighting the concerns of residents and traders and significantly, the continued interest of people wanting to restore Wards Corner and how it was falling on deaf ears

2008 Deputation

Deputation to full council, the NDC also read out a deputation but they could only get a place by forging signitures

English heritage response

A damning consultation response to the Grainger application

David Lammy response

Consultation response to the Grainger application

WCC call for collaborative meeting

Held on 30 Oct 2008 meeting with Council, David Lammy, NGOs and Grainger

Public meeting

Here the WCC campaign was offically launched and the alternative community plan and the principals underpinning it were presented. Over 350 people atteneded - making this meeting the biggest in Tottenham since the poll tax riots decades ago

WCC call for collaboration

Letter to all Wards Corner Stakeholders and local and national government policy makers re the WCC Proposal

Glasshouse workshop0

The WCC organised a workshop and invited the council and grainger to take part in a two day design workshop for the Wards Corner

Sir Simon Milton meeting

Meeting with deputy mayor of London