WCC Launch Legal Fight To Save Wards Corner

We have formally notified Haringey Council of our plans to bring a legal challenge to its July 2012 decision to grant planning permission to Grainger's proposal to demolish Wards Corner.

We are presenting a range of arguments to the Council challenging both their disregard for their own policy documents and their failure to carry out adequate analyses and assessments of the site that would enable them to make an informed decision about the impacts of Grainger's proposals.

This is the second legal challenge we've made to Haringey's decision making. Back in 2010 the High Court of Appeal quashed the permission granted to Grainger's previous scheme as a result of our judicial review of Haringey Council's failure to comply with their equalities duties.

This is not just about Wards Corner. Our last challenge set a legal precedent ensuring that the equalities impact of all major developments have to be assessed. That process should have been common sense but actually it had to be fought for.

We are not undertaking this legal challenge lightly but sadly this is the only recourse left to the local community is to challenge the Council’s decision through Judicial Review. Given the extent of the Council's regeneration agenda it is imperative that we hold them to account when they take shortcuts in decision making and work against the wishes of local people to force through damaging developments.

This stage of the legal challenge has been funded by the WCC through fund raising activities and the generosity of local people, but we will still need to raise a significant amount to fund the full cost of the Judicial Review, even with support from legal aid. Details of how to donate to our legal fund will follow shortly.

You can read our full press release here

Here is the letter to Haringey Council detailing our challenge

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A claim to bring a legal challenge has been submitted to the High Courts of Justice after Haringey Council refused to take the opportunity to reconsider Grainger plc's planning permission. We are now waiting for the High Court to make a decision.

Key documents

1) Letter before claim (or 'pre-action protocol letter) informing Haringey Council of our intend to legally challenge Grainger's planning permission

2) Haringey Council and Grainger plc's response to the letter before claim

3) Claim to court asking for permission to challenge Grainger's planning permission

4) Haringey Council and Grainger plc's response to the Claim

You can read about our previous legal challenge **here**