WCC Meeting
17th May 2010; Tottenham Chances

Candy, Wendy, Karolina, Roy, Shirley, Moaz, Sara, James and Mital
1) Update on the Alternative Plan planning application appeal
a) Now submitted and we await to hear if application will be accepted
2) Community radio broadcast 25th May - Douglas
a) Possible WCCers: Ruth, Moaz, Mital and Market (Carlos? Raul? Vicky?)
b) 10:00pm: Live; SLR Radio
c) Can Ruth and Douglas email us with more details
i) What is the proposed content
ii) Format of the show
d) Plug our film showing and other upcoming events, the stall

3) Planning another screening of this black soil and our film
a) Show during Sustainability month in June
i) Sun 27th
ii) Eve, start 8
b) Possible venue: market car park
c) Organise: Projector, Screen, Audio, Publicity
d) Food: BBQ, food co-op
e) James to contact Bicycology (http://www.bicycology.org.uk/what_we_do.htm)
i) Pedal powered projector
f) Food early followed by film showings
i) Source as much food locally as possible (Food co-op etc)
g) Displays, exhibitions, talks

4) Mobilizing the market and site
a) See above and below
5) Using the stall
a) Focus on developing the Alternative Plan, improving the site and re-engagement etc
i) Invite individuals and groups to run workshops
(1) E.g. Nef, glasshouse
(2) Need to research more
ii) Get people on the site to take part – Very important
iii) Ensure concrete outcomes e.g.
(1) Models of the plans
(2) Drawings
(3) Site improvements
b) Look at contacts/networks who can offer something to do in the stall
i) Commit to times and dates - build up a calendar. Publicise attendance at/opening times of stall.
ii) Moaz: vision screening
iii) Pam: Photog
iv) Lara - bookmaking workshop?
v) Food co-op/box scheme like growing communities (see short film HERE)?

6) Feedback on Saturday's Tracing Mobility mapping (how it relates to Tottenham/Wards corner)
a) Potential for Wards Corner to make an intervention in ‘their’ art intervention
b) Use different mapping/networking techniques/ideology to build up an alternative way of planning/regenerating an area
c) OpenStreetMap wiki - http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Main_Page

7) Queen Mary uni work
a) Thursday 20 May, 2pm - How to make a counter-map workshop
b) Mapping as method, practice and action
c) “The Counter-Cartographies Collective will facilitate a workshop on radical collaborative mapping skills using available open source mapping software and web-based data-mining techniques. Free and open to all, email us to register”
d) Attending: Karolina, Wendy, Mital, James and Ilaria

8) EiPs - Examination in Public: Mayor’s Draft Replacement London Plan
a) Following a written request the WCC will participate on Matter 4 ‘London’s Economy’ on Tue 13th July 2010
i) Policy 4.7 Retail and town centre development
ii) Policy 4.8 Supporting a successful and diverse retail sector
b) TTP: 26th May General meeting – email details for Maoz to put on agenda
c) Find out number of participants allowed and decide who is best to participate
i) Email Just Space for advise etc
d) Let traders on site know, invite to meeting and collect their experince e.g. Lagu
RUDI workshop
a) Resources -
http://www.communityplanning.net/ creative community planning
b) Event: Earthcasts
i) Creating sustainable communities
ii) Community planning mapping

10) Upcoming events to participate in: please bring diaries and ideas/events you know about - can be a fund raiser
a) Tottenham Carnival – 19th June
i) Apply for a stall – Candy
ii) Take part in procession
b) Green Fair – 12th June Ducketts common....
i) Apply for a stall - Candy
c) Lordship Rec
d) Big Lunch
e) SusTottenham Skill share – 20th June

11) LDF
a) Need to feedback
12) AOB
a) RUDI: Pay £150 for previous workshop
b) Should we organise another summer fundraiser?
c) Mital to email Ruth about Apply press releases