Minutes of Wards Corner Community Coalition - 6/5/2008
Present: Mrs Patel, Mital, Victoria, Isaac, Paul Mancera, Rita Jones, Maurice, Carlos Acurio, Carlos Burgos, Wendy, Hazel London, Beth Thomas, Sue Penny, Roy, Ricardo Pelayo, Pam Isherwood, Raul, Elize (minutes)
Apologies: Ruth, Sara, Diane

NDC employ Urban Space Management to remove Traders
Victoria was visited by the "Urban Space Management" - who are commissioned by the NDC/Bridge to talk to the Market Traders about moving to another place. They did not specify where. They made an attempt at offering "training". (Council Planning Committee meeting on Wards Corner end of May?) Victoria referred him to the WCC. Roy suggested that our first response is to get an official letter from NDC/Bridge stating their purpose.

Grainger employ CIS to poll community
Vicky to source survey from CIS. Reports made that leading questions asked of the nature of "would bringing lots of money into the area regenerate the area?"

Remember your promise, Boris . . .
Bo Jo is mayor. Congratulations. We remembered his recent visit to the Market. His promise to keep the Wards Corner building and the Market as well as creating a center for the Latino Community. A letter was written to Mr Johnson, inviting him to a meeting to continue discussions. As mayor, he is now in control of TFL, owners of the building he has promised to save.
Roy to work with Justin H to set up cross-coalition meeting with Boris
Remember to collect media - BBC News archives, press reports: Evening Standard, Telegraph, Turkish Newspaper

NDC/Council Unco-operative with WCC and Glass House Training
Wendy invited Tim Clark, Jeffrey Ocen, Kaushika Amin (NDC/Bridge) to participate in the Glasshouse training Fri 16th May - Sat 17th May -They all declined they also declined to send representatives. George Meehan's offer of council and community co-operation has obviously not filtered through. Wendy will invite Cris Lane - Tottenham Traders Association.

Publicity and broadening links.
  • Links with other community-led regeneration and development groups eg ABC Brixton are a Community Development Trust and have a useful constitution. Invitation to a linking meeting.
  • Another excellent example is Brentford High Street - model of council/community co-operation.
  • Kings Cross Land Project
  • Solidarity Event: Justice el Barrio - Sat 24th May. They are the story of Harlem. Wendy to send round event to whole group.
  • Mitel will contact websites - Bruce Castle, Haringey Online to publicize round the borough
  • Wendy to contact Chris Church - London21.

Social Enterprise Training
Friday 9th - Sunday 11th May 2008
Between the hours of: 11am to 6pm each day
Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, Bargehouse St, London SE1 9PH

Wards corner hoardings . . .
Roy and friend from Saachi & Saachi are planning 5 x A3 posters to wrap around the boards covering Wards Corner facade. Display space is available from 19 May @ £440 per fortnight. Description of 5 possible posters (roy to check:)
  • Dont ignore English Heritage - Preserve
  • computer drawing of buildings restored - what cnr cd look like - restore building, save market
  • Before and After
  • Building: Plan for the Community
  • Remember you promise, Boris

Planning Aid for London Training
Michael Parkes - Planning Aid for London has offered training on Town Planning and Best Practice Community Development Models at their resource centre.

Away Day Venue needed . . .
Still looking for a comfortable venue for away day. Any ideas?

Damage to Wards Building Repairs
Vicky will report recent rain damage to the Wards Corner roof and floor to the Council, who are accountable and can enforce repairs and to the owners,TFL.

Wards Corner mark Haringey Sustainability Weeks with Latin Event on 8th June
Latin Music, Traditional Dance, Food and Festivity
Film Showing: The Power of Community + WCC films by Elize Truter.
Mital, Sara, Vicky, Wendy and any other helpers to organise

Elize will film Glass House meeting for those who are unable to make the 16th and 17th training event.

Our regular Monday meetings will now be held at :
707 Seven Sisters Rd - above the snooker shop.