Wards Corner Community Coalition minutes

- Thursday, 29th May 2008 -

draft minutes

Present: Carlos, Mital, Sara, Lagu, Sue, Pam, Rita, Beth Thomas, Surame, Rita, Alberto, Garnett Jones, Hazel London, Ibilola Campbell, Vicky, Wendy (chair), Elize (minutes)
Apologies for absence: Ruth, Candy, Roy

1 - The Venue Issue - Due to a vital football match, the Mango venue was cancelled at the last moment. We had to hold the meeting in the café, causing confusion and wasting of precious time. Hazel? suggested that a meeting room will become available in the Tescos complex when it becomes ready. We could possibly meet in the Fountain Pub until then.

2 - Visit to the Prince of Wales Trust. Last Wednesday, Roy, Wendy and ….met with the Regeneration and Heritage arm of the Prince of Wales Trust. If we can get them on our side, they can possibly help with funding partnerships.
Their opinion is that Wards Corner fits their criteria in terms of regeneration, but they need written confirmation from the Victorian Society and English Heritage of their listing status.
They suggested we ask the NDC to do costly feasibility studies on eg fire regulations and disabled access etc.

3 - Formalizing WCC organisation. The Trust agreed that the Development Trust / Social Enterprise structure was a good model. We need to study all the model options and decide how we want to proceed. Prepare a constitution. Connect with Brian Millington again re Social Enterprise.

4 - Architectural Planning Brief. Wendy will call Robert at Glasshouse for progress report on the document they put together on the 2 day training course that was inspirational to the fortunate ones who could attend. We are hoping to see this on Sunday at the Black Boy Hotel.
We need to prepare the documents for the planning brief – design statements, concept statements, general ideas, development progressions etc Carlos is preparing an outline.

5 - Funding. Ibilola suggested the London Co-Operative Movement offers funding for start-up organizations

6 - Green Fair Saturday 7th June. Suggestions for things we could sell on the WCC Stall include – plants, teeshirts, copies of old postcards of Wards Corner, tickets for the benefit gig, second hand books? A banner possibly? The poster that is in Marcus Garvey Library. Preparation and photocopying of literature on Wards Corner
An email will circulate that will collect all offerings.

7 - 21st Fundraiser at the British Legion. Sara reported that the venue is being cleaned and should be alright on the night.
Tickets are ready for sale.
Check on inviting Latin dancers to warm up the floor.
Possibly use the basement room to screen “Power of the Community” film.
Discussions on food preparation and presentation.
We will need a compere and a speaker to give a talk on the campaign.
Inform local press of the event, prepare press cuttings for an exhibition.

8 – Payment of £100 to British Legion for use of their room for the 2 days of Glasshouse training.
Sue and Carlos have each contributed £10 – the remainder will be collected on Sunday at the away-day, so please be prepared.

9 – Sunday June 1st Away Day. We will be meeting in the recently refurbished events room at the Blackboy Hotel and Pub (268 West Green Road, near Downhills Park) for our Coalition planning event. Lunch will be provided which will cost £6.00. (If the weather is good, we can do some of our work in Downhills Park which is next to the pub!).
Please note the timings are now: arrival at 11.30am, finish at 5pm
Who should attend? Anyone who wants to actively contribute to the Wards Corner campaign to defeat the Grainger plan and develop a viable alternative:
Outline programme:
11.30 Overview of what we have done and what we have achieved
12.00 Deciding our priority challenges for the next six months
12.30 Small and whole group discussion: What organisational structure will help us achieve our goals?
1.30 Lunch
2.15 Workgroups: work in small groups with opportunity move between groups.
Suggest the following topics: Developing an organisational structure; Fundraising for the campaign; Challenging the Grainger plan over next period; Developing the alternative plan; Developing alliances with outside bodies such as TFL, English Heritage, New Economics Foundation etc; Exploring sources of investment for the alternative plan.
3.15 Break
3.30 Developing an action plan
5.00 Finish/have a drink in the bar next door.

10 – Next meeting. Will be held on Monday 9th June. Venue to be confirmed.