The Big Call for Funds to Save Wards Corner

The WCC will challenge Haringey Council's latest move in working with developer Grainger PLC to demolish the Wards site. Grainger need the CPO to happen so they can demolish the whole block and build private flats. No social housing, not even 'affordable'. Meanwhile Grainger is going ahead on the opposite corner, with building a huge tower block, 23 storeys, with 165 private flats, replacing the council's Customer Service facility Apex House.

Please support our legal challenge to prevent evictions at Seven Sisters

The time has come to challenge the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) for Wards Corner - Haringey Council have issued a CPO to help the developer Grainger force the sale shops and homes at Seven Sisters.

We have launched a crowdfunder to raise some of the £1000s we need for legal fees to challenge the CPO. PLEASE circulate this link on all your networks - FB, twitter, snapchat, all of them. If you can donate, even better. is the short form, easy to send.

The CPO will now go to a public enquiry, in March/April. This is run by an independent Inspector. It has to judge whether the CPO - ie forcibly taking property - would be more in the public interest than not. We have a very strong case for the CPO being refused. But Grainger and Haringey Council will each have teams of barristers and solicitors, possibly QCs. There is no funding available via Legal Aid to challenge a CPO. Objectors - us - will be cross-examined by these lawyers - not a prospect most of us would relish. But Shepherds Bush market recently won against a CPO, this is a far from done deal, though the council and the developer are treating us as if they can just push ahead regardless. The council Leader said last month that 'Wards Corner is an eyesore' - so why haven't they and Transport for London (which owns the market site) done better since the Wards store was closed up in 1973? 43 years, all that wasted space and time...

We love the film at the fundraiser! It's only about the market, we will be making more information available in this next few weeks.

Thank you for your support and solidarity over the years,

Wards Corner Community Coalition
Please donate using one of the following methods.

1. The crowdfunder site as above

2. Cheques made out to the Wards Corner Community Coalition can be sent to Candy Amsden or Roy Jose at 14 Nelson Rd. London N15 4LE.

3. Bank Transfers to WCC CO-OP account: Bank account number: [we are updating this account, info in a day or so]

4. Check out the various things we have on sale....mugs, badges, paintings, cards etc

Thank you all the support over the years - it keeps us going and continues to give us the mandate to fight for Wards Corner.